Saturday, June 26, 2010

I have REALLY bad blackheads ive tried all sorts of creams and clensers.?

so many on my nose and chin!

anyway that is free at home? FREE

my mum deffinatly wont buy me any clensors. im 14 btwI have REALLY bad blackheads ive tried all sorts of creams and clensers.?
I would suggest Biore strips. They work really well. If your mom will not buy them for you, you could try steaming your face to open your pores then cleanse your face. (You fill the sink with HOT water and drape a towel over your head and put your face in the sink. But not in the water)I have REALLY bad blackheads ive tried all sorts of creams and clensers.?
I have 1 above my lip and my mother said to pop it.
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  • Can pearl powder cream reduce blackhead and pimples?

    I bought these pearl powder creams from pearl factory in China,just started to use it today,the brand is call xishimei,I bought the Bio-silver Ginseng gel and the natural gold pearl gel ,previously I was using other brand of comestic such as nubio,meso,HBS...which is all chemical and this pearl powder is chemical free.

    So can these pearl powder help me just like the chemical comestics and even better?

    Because I see the chemical comestics does't help me very much in blackhead,but it is quite good in pimples.Can pearl powder cream reduce blackhead and pimples?
    I would recommend you just go see a dermatologist before you use anything you are not sure of.

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    Creams, scrubs, masks, spa treatments...augh! How do I really get rid of my blackheads?

    I just want to buff the whole top layer off basically LOL I want something that will, obviously not overnight, but with time give me my face back, a fresh start. I need something that will just take all the crap out of my pores and let me start anew.Creams, scrubs, masks, spa treatments...augh! How do I really get rid of my blackheads?
    I'm telling you this on personal experience and I hope it works for you too.

    You have probably seen : The Body Shop. The have these new tea tree oil products. Buy the Nose pore cleaner and the tea tree oil scrub. They are great. Give it a shot and you won't be sorry.Creams, scrubs, masks, spa treatments...augh! How do I really get rid of my blackheads?
    ive tried everything and nothing works, but biore pore strips sort of work, you mite what to go to get a facial, they can do extractions
    those nose strips are cool but i use dead sea minerals from any mall u can buy it it like 30 bucks and it works

    How do you get rid of blackheads @ spots even though Ive used creams that don't work?

    The best method, in fact the best thing for skin full stop is Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) - this is where you use oil to cleanse your skin.

    Most people start with a 50:50 mix of Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Castor Oil, EVOO is moisturizing where as Castor Oil is cleansing 鈥?some people will use other oils (I personally use nothing but Jojoba oil) and will change the mix to perhaps 75:25 or 25:75 depending on their skin type (i.e. if your skin is dry you would use more EVOO to moisturize), and some will also add essential oils such as lavender or tea tree oil (both help prevent and treat spots) 鈥?one advantage of OCM is that it is totally customisable so if your skin type changes, as it does very often, you can change the mix to suit your skin.

    You put the oil onto your face, then take a facecloth that has been into hot water and rung out and put the facecloth onto your face, leave the facecloth on your face for a minute so it is similar to steaming your face to open up your pores, then wipe off the oil 鈥?follow with a toner such as Rosewater to help clean off any small excess oil and tighten your pores after they have been opened by the heat of the facecloth.

    Reason it works is because it does not strip your skin of it's natural oils 鈥?when you wash your face with washes or soap it strips the natural oils that help keep your skin healthy and help keep your pores clean, so your skin is not only not as healthy as it should be but your skin also produces a load more oil to make up for all it has lost.

    Reason for OCM being so good is not only is it VERY good for your skin, but it is also very customisable, cheap, easy to get a hold of, easy to use, does not support animal testing (as many commercial products do) and does not contain a load of toxic chemicals (as many commercial products do).鈥?/a>How do you get rid of blackheads @ spots even though Ive used creams that don't work?
    acid treatment,

    poor a liter of pure acid on your face, though it might take away the skin as well, but im sure u will get rid of the blackheads...How do you get rid of blackheads @ spots even though Ive used creams that don't work?
    Pro Active
    plenty of hot soapy water at least three times a day use a soft scrub type brush then applt witchazle never go to bed with make up on and always splask face with cold water after washing and before applying make up good luck
    you gotto squeeze blackheads out im afraid its the only way. once youve done the extraction you should put a little blob of soap on each one then leave it overnight it will dry them out and stop any germs getting in
    chop your head off :-)
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    Try a facial sauna,the steam works wonders on blackheads.
    You can get facial strips in a pharmacy that remove blackheads, you only have to keep them on for about 10-15 mins and then take them off, you will be able to see the blackheads on the strip once its removed.

    Do any spot/blackhead creams/scrubs/facewashes etc. work?

    I don't have bad spots, just the odd few, but i do have quite alot of blackheads, and am using a tea tree face wash atm, however i'm not convinced its doing anything to actually get rid of the blackheads, so does anyone know of any blackhead/spot remedies that really do work to get rid of them? (they must be available in the UK)

    thanks :)Do any spot/blackhead creams/scrubs/facewashes etc. work?
    you need to use products for at least 2 months to judge if they are working well. also, in your face wash, how much tea tree oil is in it and is there enough to have an effect on your skin?

    for blackheads, you need to exfoliate. do this every two or three days, and don't scrub too harshly. the rest of the time, use a mild cleanser to avoid irritating while you clean. also, use a treatment. this could be something like pure tea tree oil, rosemary oil or a spot gel from boots or a pharmacy, like dr nick lowe spot gel or blemish complex gel. then moisturiseDo any spot/blackhead creams/scrubs/facewashes etc. work?
    I used to have really bad acne on my face but once I used neutrogina it worked perfectly, it cleared up within a few days. Other skin products and face washes overdry my face and doesn't give it enough moisture but omg neutrogina works so good. Trust me you will love it. I have sensitive skin and all of their products work so good! Also, to have a face wash just to suit your skin type try neutrogina skin ID. You have to order it online and you answer personal questions about what type of acne you get, and where you get acne at, and if you have sensitive skin and ect. And they will ship out your skin clensers right to your house! I hope this helps!
    I Found The Best Was To Have A Cold Flannel On Your Head When You Go To Bed, Sounds Really Wierd But It Really Does Help Although It Gets Your Pillow A Bit Wet. Try It It Wont Work Straight Away But It Helps :) x
    i just bought clean and clear blackhead eraser

    %26amp;%26amp; really has been workin great

    Black people, what kind of creams that are good for removing blackheads?

    I'm not black, and i don't know why your directing this question to a specific race, but just rub benzoyl peroxide on it and it'll go away in a few days.Black people, what kind of creams that are good for removing blackheads?
    We have cream that can improve your skin condition for acne problem, dryness, pimples, visible big pores, whitening effect, blackheads, balancing oil %26amp; lightening pigmentation. A facial cleanser. For products catalogues and price pls email us. Thanks.Black people, what kind of creams that are good for removing blackheads?
    i dont know a cream, but use clean and clear blackhead pads

    Blackhead cream?

    I had chicken pox when I was about 9 and I still have the marks (blackheads) on my arms. They refuse to go away. I also have some on my face from past pimples and those ones and I've tried using some creams, but haven't seen a major difference. Does anyone know of any product/cream that really works for clearing blackheads on face and body? I'm african-american if that helps. I know someone who bought Proactive, but said it didn't work for her, so no Proactive pls. I really want something that'll work for me.Blackhead cream?
    first black heads aren't from chicken pox, but if your not careful the holes left from the pox can get dirk caught it it creating blackheads( I'm not saying that your not a clean person)first you need to start using a loofah sponge to help get deep into the pores that the dirk gets trapped in. you can also use body scrubs that exfoliate the skin( dean skin cells build up fast)there are many products on the market that use sea salts they are very good for this. n ext you need to go to a pharmacies to get BLACK SALVE also called drawing cream its black smells bad but works really fast. works on pimples too. its an old remedy that really does work. you'll see.Blackhead cream?
    Well, the marks from chicken pox are not blackheads, they are scars. There is not really anything you can do for them. You can try using cocoa butter or Mederma to fade them, it may help a bit.

    For your face, try Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser and toner to clear pores. Though it sounds like what you are talking about is scars also. However the pore refining products can help this too by helping new skin to form. Blackheads are just clogged pores that often look black in the center.
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